Complete toolkit

Rent for $ / day
Plus a $ delivery and service fee
Delivery information

Available for delivery as soon as tomorrow at 1:00pm.

Product specifics

Consumable items provided with this product

Consumable items are provided for your convenience. They are delivered with your , and you can choose whether or not to use them. You pay nothing for these consumable items up front, and you'll only be charged if you've used them once your rental is over.

Return information

We don't ask you to book a return date when you're booking your rental. Just notify us by text message at (604) 809-7094 once you're done and we'll come pick it up right away.

We also provide consumable items with the toolkit

You pay nothing for the consumable items up front. They work like a hotel mini bar — you only pay for the consumables you have used once you return the kit.

Why rent from Elastic Garage?

Better value

Better value

We have the most competitve rental rates in Vancouver for power tools, home and garden equipment, outdoor sporting equipment, and camping gear.

More convenient

More convenient

We deliver the items directly to your doorstep, you keep them as long as you want, and we come pick them up from you whenever you're finished.

Better for the planet

Better for the planet

By renting instead of owning, consumer goods are used more efficiently, and less consumer goods are needed, saving raw materials, and saving the planet - good job you!


Delivered to your door and picked up when you're finished

Schedule a delivery. Keep the equipment for as long as you need it. Notify us when you're finished and we'll come pick it back up. It's that easy.